7 Days of Hooray! 7 Days of Gah!

I knew going into this that eating clean for 21 days would be a tall order. The first week I had some rough patches but overall I give myself an A-. The second week, well, I had two good days. If I had to grade myself it would be an Incomplete.

But I'm not beating myself up over it because in the end, I have added the following goodnesses into my life:

-Spinach leaves (and I actually crave this)
-More veggies in general
-Apples for breakfast, which were pretty normal before as a "snack", but now it has become our "go to" in the morning
-Very, very much less alcohol. Because I was having a beer or glass of wine pretty consistently with my husband for a while but now I have very nearly none. I won't say completely none, as I did have two beers this week (on Friday) when I couldn't calm down from the terrible day I had, not that I turn to alcohol for comfort but who are we kidding, I guess in this case I did. But it was in a social setting with my husband in an all-around effort to try and decompress. A naked chicken tender was just not going to do it for me that day.

So instead of looking at the negatives (which was my terrible eating all weekend through to last night which includes the following: Steakandshake burger and shake and fries, veal parmesan and fettuccine with WHITE sauce on Mother's Day, Mother's Day cake, and Mickey D's on Monday, I choose to look at the positives as stated above, despite my 4 day hiccup. And while I have had pretty much the week from hell (I won't lie, that did have something to do with my terrible eating) on the positive side, I have also chosen to do my best to channel my zen into organizing projects and gardening.

In the end, my weight is exactly the same as last week, which is good. I had a huge milestone running week, I actually ran 24 miles last week (8 last Tuesday, and 12 last Saturday), biked 12 miles and swam 2 miles (give or take) so I burned a bajillion calories, I just didn't replace them with the good ones. (My bad.)

So I will begin again, knowing that I have done an ok job at incorporating good things into my life and trying to remember that lots of activity is not a license to gorge self on massive amounts of grease and fat.

So. How did you do?


* * *
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