Weigh-In Wednesday


Well it's Wednesday and you know what that means!

I weighed in, I lost a pound. Woohoo! (Does it count that I've gained and lost this same one for a couple of weeks now? Not really? OK. Fine.)

I am on a 21 day "eat clean" thingy and I did pretty well this week, for the most part. Except for the part when my friend scored tickets to a benefit held by former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Derrick Brooks at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and there were football players everywhere was a completely open bar and gourmet buffet. I only had sushi though and one asiago cheese ball (I said cheese ball, huh huh huh huh) but I am ashamed that I violated my no drinking policy with vodka and cranberry (you know, for the antioxidents and besides, cranberry juice is great for your urinary tract and whatnots). And around midnight, a slice of pizza at the Hardrock Hotel's food court.

So it was a day of indescretion or as my friend called it, a wash.

But one day out of 7's not bad.

And plus I paid for it the next day. I was dehydrated (not hungover!) and beat (I got home just before 1 a.m. which is unheard of on a Sunday night!) All reasons I am doing this in the first place! Yeah, that's it! I did this in the name of research!
I have learned a lot though so far. I've learned that I really do have a pattern of eating out of leisure or boredom or just because it's there, and I've learned that even if it fits into my calorie allotment, I don't always make healthy choices. It's been nice to eat a ton of spinach salad (and have the kids fight over my last little "leaves"!) and introduce guacamole and avocado to the kids (and have them love it!) and grill up a ton of chicken breast and have it to pick on for a few days. I even found myself switching to yummy tea instead of coffee and having a pomegranate spritzer (the juice with seltzer) in a wine glass!

I hope week 2 goes better though, this really does take some discipline and concentration and it really is just plain old kinda hard! What are you doing for your 21 days??

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