Saying Goodbye to my Blog. My Final Blogpost.

Well, not blogging in general! Did you think I was crazy?

I'm saying goodbye to Baby Tea Leaves and moving to Average Moms Wear Capes (

Baby Tea Leaves, I have loved you. I am always sad when I say goodbye to something.

Ever since that Snapple commercial where the little man plucked the baby tea leaf in the field, I have envisioned you as a metaphor for my life, plucking the good stuff out of life that makes it the sweetest and yummiest.

You've been a place for me to discover myself, to trudge my way through the ups and downs of motherhood and through my post-partum weightloss. You've allowed me to share all my embarrassing moments, my redecorating and my breakthroughs and rants. And you've allowed me a place to just list off all the stuff I didn't feel like writing into a paragraph format.

Today I am moving on to a new phase in my life and hoping to inspire other mommies everywhere to BE BOLD! AND TO WEAR THEIR CAPES OUT LOUD! Or to just read about my journey in trying! So come join me over at Average Moms Wear Capes. And for the record, the commercial that inspired this blog so long ago:

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