Fat Ticker Friday + Scavenger Hunt Prize


Not to brag, of course, but did I happen to mention I dropped a size? I did? Oh yeah! I did! Here!


Me tooting horn.

I can't help it. I don't have a real job where I can work on a project and send a memo out to everyone about what a "mover and shaker" I am because I completed "A" and distributed "B" and am just waiting for feedback on "C" before rolling out the final project "D". So instead, I resort to blabbering about my weight-loss achievements on my blog. Which have been so very few up until this point. I am just so happy to be out of "size huge". It's like a weight lifted. HAHA! Sorry. I know that was bad.

Anyhoo. Enough about me. How did you do this week? Any progress? Do tell!

(I'll be weighing in at around 1pm when I go to the gym and will report back around then.)

In my "me-time" post the other day, I mentioned that I wish I had enough of nothing to do to read a book and so last night I thought I'd run away from home head over to Barnes and Noble. I don't think I could love and/or spend more time in a store than I can in Barnes and Noble. (Or Borders). I forget sometimes how much I love books. I bought The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway for my reading pleasure. I also picked up (but didn't buy) the book written by that Bob guy from The Biggest Loser, The Chris Farley biography, and the Nanny 911 book for first-year and plopped down and read through all of them for a good couple hours. The Nanny book was good -- but better for the first-time mom. And I could've read the Chris Farley book all night -- I really did not realize how much of a drug addict and alcoholic he was. I must've been in denial! But he still fascinates me. I heart him. I was crushed when I heard he died -- I was sitting at work at my old tv station (on my night off, come to think of it, why was I there?) when I logged into the computer just to check messages and it crossed the wire as a bulletin and I nearly fell over. Terrible.

Anyway, I was really curious about that Bob guy's fitness plan, and it turns out he does a very similar to Body for Life type of thing -- which is kind of what I am doing (except the breastfeeding way -- not completely dieting, just eating healthy so as to not ruin milk maid supply). All it is really is eating six small meals, all lean meats, veggies and high-fiber carbs like brown rice and wheat pasta, low fat or fat free cheeses and milk, high fiber cereals or oatmeal, (he even pimps out the Body for Life shakes that I drink). And I only eat crap on the seventh day. Yes, I have had a few indiscretions, like the Rolos incident of '08, but whatever. Oh crap, I'm rambling again. My point is the following:

Remember that scavenger hunt I mentioned earlier this week? Well, here are the prizes:

1 Random winner will receive a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble. Who doesn't love books?
And...the winner of "most creative" will win (1) one DVD of Tommy Boy. My favorite movie of all time. I would like to share Chris Farley with the world.

All the rules are in the link above. Let's play! (It's open to everyone).

Happy Fat Ticker Friday! If you're participating in the Summer Slimdown, please visit the others if you get a chance! Combined, we have lost the weight of a small child in the past few weeks -- so join us if you haven't already!

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  1. Yeah yeah yeah!! I've been a very good girl this week!
    I've dropped a pound. I've been swimming three times! Just came back an hour ago from the outside swimming pool!
    I'm quite happy! So that's my motivation for this week....
    This thing really works Christie. I'm so slaphappy I met you and you built up this meme. THANK YOU!!!!

    &hearts Sonny &hearts

  2. I am adding my pictures right now for the scavenger hunt...I hope it's not to late! I am down 1.5 pounds this week. Not quite as impressive as dropping a size and losing 3!

  3. Hey lady! The shorts are getting baggier! :)

  4. Congrats!!!!

    Happy Mother's Day. :)

  5. Way to go on the weight loss! 3 pounds and a size! That's awesome, keep it up.

    I was so disappointed in my numbers (HELLO GAIN) that I didn't even post on Friday. I'm going to hop over and do it as soon as I'm done here....

    Oh, I gained 2 pounds :(


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