Summer of Me Series Finale

Well, this is it. The last official weigh-in of the Summer of Me!

Trying not to get all sentimental now. But how can't I? I've met so many wonderful bloggers -- and not just plain ol' bloggers, the must-have-on-my-daily-read-list kind. ALL OF YOU! And to boot, I've also met a lot of great people behind some really great companies, like Dirty Red and One More Mile and Doodlebug Designs.

Thank you for that. Everyone. Tear!

Anyway, now on to the nitty gritty.

Weight loss: 1.5 pounds
Grand Finale Total: 5 pounds.

Not too shabby! I wanted 10, but hey. A couple a tacos, an occasional Blizzard, maybe a slice or two of pizza... and well, 10 pounds wasn't to be. But the good news is, I am down a total of 23 pounds from the Spring Into Summer and Summer of Me combo platter! Jubilation! Joy jabs! Squealing!

I can't wait to see everyone's results this week! I'm busting!

And in true Christie fashion, I not only planned the Summer of Me Finale for today, I am getting ready for our big vacation, and my sister's baby shower (which I am also planning) is tomorrow! Picking up my sister first thing Friday morning YAYYYYYY!!! Oh it's CRAZZZZZY AROUND HERE!

So in between all of it, I promise to log in when I can and stop by. Thankfully I get e-mail on my phone and it buzzes every time I get a comment (hehe, drives my husband mad) so you can know that I am at least reading your results pretty much right away.

Here's the prize list once again:
-Grand prize: A Wii Fit and a $100 AmEx gift card
-Runner up: A $100 AmEx gift card
-Set of three body lotions from Bath and Body Works, Energy, Sleep, Stress Relief
-Tee-shirt from One More Mile
-CD of my workout playlist and necklace from my Etsy shop, Don't Sweat It
-Anyone who meets their goal gets a sticker or magnet from One More Mile

**By the way, if you have won a shirt from One More Mile and you feel like sending me a photo of yourself in it, please feel free! Same with Dirty Red! (I'd love to share it)**

Here are the rules again, just in case you need to re-read them. I don't want anyone to miss out on one of the prizes because they missed something in the rules!! So let's get this thing started! Weigh in, leave me a comment with weight loss and final tally and let's git er done! Good luck!!

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  1. Unofficially, I'm down about 3 pounds, but I have girl issues, have been a little extreme on the free days, and am not an official participant. ;) Still, yay for you and for anyone you've inspired to start working on getting to where they want to be. I'm still headed in the right direction overall, even if my weight fluctuated more up than down this week, and I'm so glad you are, too. Awesomeness.

    Hope your vacation and plans are much fun!!

  2. TOM is playing havoc. I gained 1 pound this week but lost 2.6 pounds overall!!! I learned heaps about myself on this challenge, thanks for hosting it.

  3. I lost 1 pound this week, bring me down a total of 5.5lbs. I'm shocked that I did this, honestly. Now it's hoping I can keep it off, and keep up the program.

    I'm looking forward to the next challenge my dear!

    I got my Camelpak in the mail yesterday, that rocks! And I will surely take a photo when I get my t-shirt too. I can't wait to run in it!

    Enjoy your weekend and upcoming fun!

  4. I lost 4.6 this week and a total of 16pounds. I'm very happy with my loss and I hope that you continue the Fat Ticker Friday. Dial up connections suck. It totally lost my first comment and took 20+ minutes to load this box.

  5. I'm down a whole 1/2 pound this week. I guess I should be happy that I lost anything at all considering everything going on this week with the baby. I'm down a total of 7 pounds.

    I got my necklace in the mail yesterday. I love it...thank you!

  6. oops, forgot to sign my name on my anonymous comment....clairanne

  7. Staying steady this week, which is all a girl can hope for when she's expecting that timeof the month to start any day now. Overall loss of 4.2lbs.

    And, hey, I'd LOVE to take a picture of myself in my One More Mile tank...whenever it arrives. (I'm hoping you got my email reply with my size and preferences???)

  8. Down 3 more pounds for a total of 11! Thanks for the motivation. Hope you do another challenge.

  9. I am down 17 from the spring slim down, and 8 for this one. :) I didnt figure to lose any much at all with the whole on crutches for 2 weeks. LOL

  10. Congrats on the 5 lbs! I am down only 4 lbs but I did come out from the long plateau I've been for weeks!

  11. Congrats on 5! I'm down 2 (not quite my goal of 4 - what's with the halves? Maybe we should double next time?!) - but that's okay and beats the upward trend I was starting.

  12. I lost 2 this week and that is pretty much it for the whole shebang. I lost 5 which was my goal, but 3 of those were pounds I gained back on vacation. Doesn't count. But I'm happy. That is 7 since spring. I'll take it. Thanks so much for hosting. I really appreciate the work.
    Congrats on the 5 and give your sis and the Old Man a big hug and a congratulations from me.
    And that "j" on your Mr. Linky is from me. I was Mr. Linky challenged there for a minute.

  13. i have been fluctuating so much since we started. i can't even remember what my first weigh in was on the 'official start' of fat ticker friday. i think i was at 214 or 215...throughout these few weeks i have went all the way up to 218! i'm now down to 213. my weight loss ticker as at the bottom of my ramblings and whatnot blog.

    i didn't do very well...i say i've only lost a pound or two. i let the wii fit slip right through my fingers LOL oh well...not much help if you don't have a wii to begin with anyways. :)

    congrats to everyone on their weight loss...keep up great job!

  14. p.s. i have posted my Summer of Me Finale post on I've linked to this post and your blog :)

    I have a Biggest Loser weight loss widget on this site.

  15. I wanted to lose 8# but today but I am officially down 5 for a total of 13 1/2 since 5/13.

    THANKS for hosting this. WHAT FUN!

  16. I officially lost 0.8 pounds this past week. A grand total of 6 pounds through the challenge! Yeah me! Thanks so much for hosting the challenge. It gave me a much needed nudge and accountability. So what's next??? I'll post later and link back here.


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