The Fly

After taking a few days off from working out last week, then getting sick until oh, yesterday, I got back on the wagon with my first official triathlon-training workout. Which was, swimming.


Yesterday was alllllll about realizations.

So I stuffed myself into the black and blue number I purchased last week, and then I stuffed my gargantuan melon into the tight black swimcap I also purchased, along with the mirror-reflecting goggles I got and realized who I looked like when all was said and done.

The Fly.

Actually, the Fly with Fatback. Because in the back of my swimsuit there is a large hole that all of my backfat spills out of. I love functional swimsuits. I love functional swimsuits. (Are we sure they don't make any with skirts?)

But I owned it. I sure did. I swam my workout which did not take me long at all, mind you, and then, I realized about halfway through, that swimming really is quite hard work! I've always heard this but I've never quite believed it! Because I don't remember there ever being a time during any swimming I've done previously where I've gotten completely out of breath. But there I was completely out of breath and panting and when I was finished, my arms were like spagetti. And then I realized that sure, I can swim. But only barely. I know how to, basically, not drown. I am going to need some practice here.

I suppose I've never really done any lap swimming, come to think of it, except for in high school in my best friend's pool. And who knows if we were doing that right.

But I do love swimming. It feels like I'm playing in a pool and not really doing any kind of exercise or workout. Until I'm halfway done, that is, and realize I can't breathe. I still don't particularly like the backfat and the thighdimples that have to make an appearance on the way to the pool, but that's what this is all about anyway, so who really cares.

Oh I so wanted to take a picture of me as "The Fly" just to show you the sheer ridiculousness of my new look, but I just couldn't humiliate myself that way. Not even for a great Wordless Wednesday post. (And it would be great.) But we'll let the words rather than the picture tell the story here (for now) because honestly, on T-Day, plenty of people will see me as "The Fly", only scarier, The Fly that is running. When I am dressed up in all my "Fly" garb and running into the ocean with the gaggle of other swimcapandgogglewearers. A swarm, if you will.

Anyway, workout one, complete. 4 months to go! And I'm excited. But of course I still need a bike. I'm doing this a bit backwards, I know, but you gotta start somewhere. It's like the inverted pyramid in news. You write the most important stuff (the lead) then you back it up with all the other less-important facts. Here, I sign up for crazy events, then figure out how on earth I will do them. Or in this case, how I will properly equip myself to do them. Until then, I'll be doing some spinning.

ps. Dont forget to click the contest info link at the top! Last Quest for Greatness weigh-in TOMORROW!
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  1. Congrats on the first workout. That first step, how exciting!


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