After the Show, Video Included (DON'T LAUGH!)

OK honestly, it wouldn't be me if I didn't say something that afterward, I thought, "What on earth did I just say? And why would I say that?"

I was on our local FOX station promoting our event, Rock Out 4 Babies, A Guitar Hero Competition. I was so nervous all day. I went out and got a new outfit, I got a Starbucks on the way in, and when I pulled into the parking lot, it was like putting on an old hat that fit so nicely after all these years with the bill folded just how you like it.

And it was really great to see all of my old co-workers and step into a newsroom again. Boy do I miss it. I wouldn't change anything, but I do miss it. I felt like sitting down and logging onto the computer and churning out some stories. The same people are even still there since all the way back when I was an intern a hundredty years ago.

I was a guest on the "Lightning Round" where they have a roundtable discussion about buzzworthy stories that are kind of interesting, like, for instance, American Idol, specifically about whether or not Simon would stay for next season. And to which (as in many of my finer moments) I rambled off something about how if Simon were standing in my living room, I'd ask him for advice.



My point being that I like him on the show and I like his comments, but a point which, I fear, did not get translated quite as I had thunk it. Just know that as you're watching, you can literally see the blip in my brain as the words were coming out that said something like, "Where are you going with this, Christie?" but I just kept going...
I don't know why I do this, but it happens. It always has. I was cringing as I watched it playing back to me on the news, watching it through my fingers. Sometimes I make no sense. That's just me. That's why I'm a writer and not a speaker.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, anyone who might be watching who knows me knows that I probably couldn't escape a situation like this without saying at least one of something ridiculous. OK without further ado, here's my performance. My blog video debut. In person. The real thing. Remember. Don't laugh. It's for the babies.

And by the way, can I just say that I never ever like how I look on tv? I don't think I look this bad in pictures or in person, but on tv, I just don't like it. It has nothing to do with skinny vs. fat or anything like that, I just feel like I get manvoice and a nervous giggle and really the camera was on the "bad side" of my face...

Overall, I didn't say everything I had wanted to say because I had one minute and my brain couldn't compute it all in that tiny little fragment of a second they gave me to talk and before I knew it, that was the wrap! But it really kind of went ok except for the face thing and the Simon thing. The point was talking about our event tonight and we did that.

Oh I so hope people will come. We've been working so hard on this! I'm all nervous, I've planned things before but I've never held a Guitar Hero competition. I hope that everyone will stay in the spirit of the charity and not get all "gamey" and sticklery about the actual competition. I just want it to be good times, good food and drinks and lots of money for babies. I will be armed with my camera of course!
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  1. You look great! I don't know what you're talking about. Great interview. I hope tonight is a HUGE success. I had "man voice" when I worked at the college radio station. I hated that class :(

  2. Well done, girl! It was SO good to see you in action/live! And you looked GREAT!

    I have the opposite problem of "man voice"...I hosted a radio show with my previous job...I thought I always sounded like a chipmunk.

    Hope your event is HUGE and lots of money is raised for them babes!

  3. 1. I thought you looked fantabulous. 2. I thought your interview was great. 3. I love how involved you are for matters that are close to your heart!!!!
    Great Job!!!!

  4. Wow, you're like .. famous now! Good job on the interview, hopefully loads will have heard about your project and it'll be a huge success!

  5. On the one hand, I know how you feel about being self-conscious about how you look on camera...but on the other, I was thinking, "What is she talking about? She looks and sounds great!" And the most important thing: you got the word out about your event in a very positive, visible way. I hope it's a great success!


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