Weigh-In. Late.

I'm not going to lie. It's been a tough week, sisters. I haven't had two seconds to my name and when I have, I left Jillian all boxed up under the tv.

That's the downfall to participating in a group challenge. I feel like I'm letting other people down. People who are all getting off their butts to move around and who are not letting their life's roadblocks get in their way. And that's the upside to the group challenge. That there are people who are inspiring me to get back up on the horse after eating a giant slice of my son's leftover birthday cake .

So can we do a late Wednesday night confessions (which let's face it, is really just one big list of excuses? I'm in the mood to make lists.)

1. Last week I had my party hat on. I planned three parties for one week: Easter/slash/son's third birthday (same day), big Guitar Hero fundraiser for March of Dimes (we raised about $1,000), and son's-third-birthday-with-friends-party.
2. Life would be so much easier for me if I were just a cake and pizza type of party planner. But I just ain't. I do the whole shabang, favors, namecards, (watering cans with moss stuffed inside with the name card on top on Easter brunch table -- oh and yes, Easter was a "use every single piece of china" day.)
3. I ate cake. At least two times.
4. Things that coincided with party planning: family member in hospital, husband out of town, kid with an ear infection.
5. When I had someone to watch the kids, I spent that time running errands. I just had to.
6. Is my excuse list big enough?
7. When I had 10 minutes to myself, I decided on the "brain dead" option.
8. I'm going to write this past week off and cross it off as "done" and move on from here.
9. I did finally do the big food shopping trip (finally), the one that was not for any party but the one for the way we eat for the whole week and all healthy and stuff like our usual non-party selves and we've done good that way (except for the cake.)
10. I have not lost anything, but I have not gained. I have remained. This is good news, considering.
11. I got a hit on Monday so I am officially out of my hitting slump. I was going to do just 10 but I remembered that this worthy of noting.

Hope everyone did well this week! I'm coming around to see! Please inspire me.
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  1. LMAO. I just noticed the "Talk to me, Goose". I say that ALL THE TIME!

    Anway, you maintained when you had a ton of challenges in your way, so that's great! I know you'll get back to it this week!

    Good luck!

  2. Maintaining is good, girl! I know as much as anyone how life gets in the way!

    Cheers to a better week!



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