Weigh-In Wednesday with the Sisterhood

Hey there, Sisters! Long time no see, eh?

Yes, I felt bad I missed last week's weigh-in. It was because I didn't have my scale. MY scale. And I'm funny about different scales. They all tell me something different. Although they all have pretty much the same storyline, which is not much in the way of losses. Truth be told, the scale that was not my scale said I had gained two pounds. And that very well may be the case.

This week, those two pounds were gone. So I am back this week, yo-yoing as I have this whole challenge. Back to the very beginning starting weight of this challenge. Yup! I have been exercising fine, but I have completely canceled it out with my crappy eating and craving cave-ins. (Where did all of that amazing self-control that I so avidly demostrated in '08 disappear to? Drats!)

But there are 8 weeks left until the triathlon I am training for. I have purged the home of the Easter/slash/Birthday madness and I am eating clean once again. My workouts for this week are:
Monday: Run 3 miles/Swim/Softball game (check)
Tuesday: Spin (check. Legs want to fall off).
Wednesday: Run 3 miles + weights (this will have to be tonight and night workouts always require more coffee drinking)
Thursday: off
Friday: Swim + weights
Saturday: Spin
Sun: off

In sum, please don't banish me as a sister. I realize this was a weight loss challenge and that the goal here is to actually lose weight. And since there is only one week left, it appears that I will not meet and exceed my own expectations for this challenge. I will be happy if I finish with any loss at all at this point. If I could just dip into the new decade...

I've still got a little time..

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  1. you are working your rear off!

    maybe last week was a difference in the scale and you've really maintained for the past two weeks. that's better than yo-yoing isn't it?

  2. You'll get there. We can be part of the no loss for the challenge club. :)

    Keep up the good work with your training!

  3. I am soooooooooo w/ya sista!!!!!!! back @ my starter too :( so if u get the boot at least u wont be alone!! :P

  4. Um, friend...we don't banish sisters! Don't be silly! ;o)

    Your training schedule makes me tired. Seriously.

    And I am with you about the scales! I weigh same scales, same day, same time of day. (although here lately I will spot check myself periodically during the week. I know I shouldn't but I like seeing where I'm at for the week!)

  5. I hear ya sista!!! It is definitely a journey. You are still doing great though!!


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