Who's in charge here?????

I would like to speak to them, please.

It's the final weigh-in of the weightloss challenge over at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. Actually, it was yesterday. And I was almost ready to post except that I got really busy and then I didn't. So a belated finale for me and the final tally:



Yes. Instead of losing 10 pounds, I gained one. I'm in Opposite Land. And the reason I wanted to speak to someone in charge is because I went out to buy shorts yesterday and bought a size 8. I wondered if it was a fluke and so I tried on all sorts of size 8's. In pants, too. And I fit nicely in them. 10 still fits, but it's a little big now. So, um. How can someone gain a pound but drop a size?

Jillian doesn't believe in losing inches but not pounds. She believes that if you lose inches, it will reflect on the scale. I believe she called the theory of losing inches but not pounds, "bullsh--".

So I really don't know what to think.

But do I believe in shifting? That's a different question. Hmmm. Because after the babies, things did what I call the "shift and settle." Things shifted, and then settled. In the most unGodly of places. So sad. And my old pants would mostly fit, except for maybe one ridge around the hips that appeared, as if out of nowhere. So there you have it. Shifting? Maybe.

So I didn't lose weight. But my triathlon training is fully underway now and I'm working hard even when I don't want to. I run twice a week, spin twice a week, swim 3 times a week and lift weights one or two. And I just want to state for the record that if I were out to prove a point about food, it COMPLETELY matters, every single bite of food I eat matters. It is absolutely true that if I am not eating entirely clean every day, I will not lose weight. I can work out 8 hours a day but if I stick one donut in my face that day, I still won't lose weight. It is just the way I work. It's unfortunate but it has taken me 5 months to figure that out. After gaining and losing and regaining the same 2 pounds. Sigh. I've still got this 10 last left and I want them off darnit!!! I went bathing suit shopping yesterday too and believe me, an extra ten pounds on a pasty white body is, how do you say, not good.

So what about you???

How did you do this journey? I'm in for another challenge when it happens and hopefully there will be a better ending for me...

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  1. I hear ya sister...I am the same way..I am the same weight with or without it is totally about what I put into my body.

    NOW that we have got that fact straight, now we just need to implement better eating...Good luck to us both.

  2. You are so right! If I don't eat cleanly just about everyday, I don't lose at all!

    No worries, you're just amazing for training for a triathlon! Seriously!

    The last 10 are THE HARDEST. You literally have to trick your body!! You'll figure it out! Of this, I know!

  3. i've heard her say that too...not sure if i believe her.

    it sound like a lot of women are experiencing that with the 30 day shred...very odd

  4. I respectfully disagree with Jillian. In February, I actually ended with a net *gain* of less than a pound, but I *lost* a little in the measurements department: 1" in the bust, .5" in the waist, .75" in the hips. That was the first month that I did a full month of my weekly BodyPump class, so it looks to me like I gained muscle.

    But yes, the eating matters. I know I'd be going back down the scale if I were eating more like I did in the fall. I keep bobbing up and down a few pounds. Practicing maintenance is instructive and all, but I'd rather be doing so in the "normal" BMI range, which is still a good 25 pounds away for me. How badly would I rather be there? Not badly enough at the moment, it seems.

    But cheer up! I think people are more likely to see a size 8 tag on your clothes than the number hmnahmna on the scale. ;-)

  5. For me the point is to fit my clothes better. What ever the scale says. If you feel good in your size 8s then rock on. By the way I lost only 4 of my 23 pounds .


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