Weigh-In Wednesday: Ab Advice Needed.

Shrink for Good with the Sisterhood!

Good morning, fellow shrinkers!

Are you shrinking?? How did you do this week?

I stayed exactly the same. No change whatsoever. Although I stayed within my points. (I think.) There were a few days that I went over my points but I took from the weekly alotted anytime points, but I didn't go over those, so I'm not sure why there was no change. I did do more weight-lifting than usual and I did a different swim routine (1500 meters -- an all time record for me!) but I didn't lose anything. But maintenance is good. I'm ok with that. I'm one with the non-scale victories.

Did you watch the Biggest Loser last night? We at the Sisterhood added in a special side of hilarity by messaging during the show and then doing a couple challenges ourselves during the show. Like, for instance, pounding some water. And then dropping and doing 20 (which my husband actually got in on. He dropped and did 32. We're dorks, yes.) And then doing a 60 second squat hold in my pink robe. My husband thought I looked like a complete idiot and didn't keep that to himself either, using words like "asinine" and "ridiculous". Thanks honey. But I think we're going to make it a regular thing, so are you up for a challenge during next week's Biggest Loser??? Go read April's recap too!

Anyhoo. I have a side-project I need to work out.

In addition to weightloss, I have this little issue of the post-baby belly thing going on. I was hoping it would shrink away with the rest of me, but it's still kinda hanging on for the ride.

I have broken all laws in Christie-dom by purchasing a pair of Lucky Jeans on supersale (love them!) in a size I have never ever purchased before. Never. They fit everywhere. My butt. My length. My thighs. Except for that top button. I bought them anyway because they fit everywhere else and they were on supersale, but that damn top button! That little bit of tummy wayyyy down at the bottom. A pooch, it may or may not be called.

I have heard that I may be screwed here in that if you gained a lot of weight during pregnancy (like me), it will probably not go away without surgical intervention. I'd like to save that couple thousand bucks and give 'er a try. Obviously all the cardio I've been doing (re: triathlon) hasn't fixed the problem.

Any ideas to target that specific area? Please share. How did you do this week? Don't forget to visit all the sisters!
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