Weigh-in Wednesday: Non-Scale Victories

Well, it's not what I was hoping for this week but I didn't know what I was hoping for anyway, I guess to maintain would have been nice, but whatever. I'm not taking the cans away from my stash, I figure maybe I'll just add food to the pot when I gain too. Any pounds either way, I'll add to the stash. How bout that?

So, bullet points for the Weigh-in Wednesday:

-Up 1.5. Wah.
-Weight Watchers didn't even give me back a point they took away from me last week. Boogies.
-But they didn't yell at me when I weighed in online either. Which is something.
-My legs are still killing me from Sunday.
-Mostly because instead of resting on Monday, I played a double-header in softball on an unusually large field in which I played Left Field and my legs wanted to buckle during the second game. Dummie me. But I did finish out the season with a .444 batting average. Which is about 300 points higher than last season where I had a major hitting slump.
-I'm all signed up for the last tri of the year, Oct. 24th.
-I tried on and fit a size 6 over the weekend which softens the blow of the weight gain. I haven't been a 6 in oh, let's see, 10 years? Pretty much. Victory.

It's all about the non-scale victories this week. Cup half full.
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