Just Sitting Here Drinking a Juice Box

I just opened the fridge and thought, with the day I've had, I could really use some Motts for Tots.

Nothin' like a nice, cool, Fruit Punch Motts for Tots juice box to wash your worries away.

I was going to begin the day's post with this:

Someone or someone-times-two got a hold of chalk and made my coffee table a chalkboard.


Not a big deal.

Except for the scratches. Sweet.

Hang on. I'm gettin to the bottom of my juice box and the straw won't get it all and I'm having to slurp. This could take a second.

Boy there really isn't a lot of juice in this thing.

Anyhoo. I tried to take a picture of the chalk but my camera battery was dead. So I left the chalk sitting there on the table until the battery charged nice and good and I could take a picture of it.

Somewhere in between the chalk and now, I dropped my son off at school and went to Home Depot to procure some fall gardening supplies. I'm batting about a 50-50 in sustaining plant life now, I guess now is as good a time as ever to bring that up.

I'm known as the Grim Reaper of plants.

My husband says the plants in the garden sections cower when I walk in.

He calls my hanging baskets, "hanging CASKETS".

I guess he wonders why I kill them and keep buying them, because I am a gardening failure. I guess each time I get more plants, it is with a renewed hope and faith within myself that I will turn my inner gardener around.

But he's probably right. Either I should hire a gardener (after we hit Power Ball) or just buy some pretty stones.

Because I'm real good at buying plants and planting plants and watering them. For about the first week. Then I walk by them and think "uh oh, I really should water that guy, he's looking a little sad." And then I don't. And eventually my son brings it up. "Mommy, why is he sad?" And then I feel bad. So today, one of my projects was to nurse two hanging plants back to life by repotting them. The two very same that are flowery and leafy in this picture right here.

Unfortunately they do not look like that anymore.

In fact, looking at how beautiful they once were made me feel like a big giant jerk just now.

Hang on. Finishing the juice box. May have to crack open another.

Well, the soil on my poor plants was all old anyway because even when I'd try to water it, the water would go straight through the pot and right out, so what I really needed to do was repot them. And this is a pretty big deal. Normally they'd die before I get a chance to repot them. So we're getting somewhere.

See? I'm working on it.

But as I'm wandering out of Home Depot with Mini, I get to the car and the car won't start.

And as luck would have it, I forgot to plug in my cell phone last night and there was barely a charge.

Batting 0 in the battery department today.

I eeked out a call to AAA and the fine gentleman was there to rescue me within 15 minutes and my husband was quick to respond as well. Oh it's nice being a damsel in distress once in a while! Husband and AAA guy to the rescue!!

The AAA guy put in a new battery and I was on my way. I put my phone on my charger and now it's fulla juice. Kinda like me, come to think of it. And my camera is charged. Gosh life stinks when nothing's charged.

Piece of advice: if phone is not charged, don't forget car charger. However, car charger won't work if battery is dead anyway, so just make sure phone is charged.

Mini and I gardened for the rest of the morning, nursing my plants back to life and putting up some belatedly fall decorations and remulching. When my other son got home, we finished up the gardening and by we I mean me, in between chasing them back to our yard from our neighbors or from the street or breaking up fights over who gets to ride the tricycle or use the bubble mower or wear the helmet. They probably both should be wearing helmets at all times, who are we kidding.

Ps. Is it bad for kids to dig into Miracle Grow potting soil? Don't answer that.

So now I'm sitting here drinking a juice box and the kids are in bed after taking long hot baths because we were all hot messes from the dirt and fertilizer.

Off for more juice now, and a shower. Good day.

* * *

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