Weigh-In Wednesday, Potpourri Edition

Shrink for Good with the Sisterhood!

There really is nothing like the saying When it rains, it pours.

Weight-wise, this week I have stayed exactly the same.

I am actually very happy/slash/excited, being that I did not count one single point last week on account of being sick with the crud. And I missed all of my workouts/training sessions on account of not being able to move and/or speak on account of said crud. And here's the part where I would like to mention that I have the most wonderful husband in the world, a husband who let me sleep in this weekend for hours on end and did things like take the kids to the park and Dunkin Donuts and did the laundry and cleaned out the fridge and grilled and put the clothes away and cleaned. And he actually said, after all of my profuse thanking, "Oh it's nothing, seriously."

My wonderful, wonderful loving husband without whom I would be nothing. Thank you.

In all, last week, I missed 5 workouts, Tuesday through Saturday. I hopped back to it Sunday, but it was pretty painful. I had to stop after 2 1/2 miles and walk the rest because of remaining crud. Monday, I got in my weight workout and a swim and last night, I got in a spin class and that was pretty painful too. Being off for 5 consecutive days really took a toll because my legs are still on fire. I am a little nervous about being way behind. I really want to beat my time in this next triathlon, not have to push through it. And I'm still not quite at 100%.

So do you twitter? Tweet? Are you a tweep? Did you follow the Biggest Loser Tweet Party at the Sisterhood last night? I didn't get to partake because I was with the girls doing a craft night for NICU families, but I did follow it from afar and it was hilarious! There were challenges going on during the show. I can't wait for next week. I'm soo in.

By the way, do you follow me on Twitter? Because I've started a little installation called Useful Tweets. So follow me (Christieo) and look out for my daily brain buster! They are random facts about something somewhat useful and partially entertaining.

Now is the part where I pause and share a yummy ONE POINT SANGRIA RECIPE! (I told you this was a potpourri post. Chock full of surprises.)

I tried it last night at craft night. Amazing.

Fruity Sangria:

2 cups sliced strawberries
2 medium apples, sliced
3 cups lite or low-cal cranberry juice
1 cup of red wine

Mix ingredients in pitcher, allow to sit for at least 30 minutes so all the juicies can blend nicely together, pour over ice and drink up!!!

OK so it's not completely riddled with alcohol, it just has a little bit, but it sure is yummy! And one point for a 3/4 cup serving! One point! There are 8 servings. Really, it's delicious, and I've never actually had sangria with strawberries in it before.


And make sure you head on over to the Sisterhood and weigh-in today, and also take a look at that new beautiful pink Breast Cancer Awareness banner, it really is a beautiful new banner! When I think about breast cancer month, I think about the strength of the wonderful, brave women who have fought the fight and pray for all of them. My mother and aunt are both breast cancer survivors. My mother's was detected super-early because of an early mammogram and she was just in her 30's when it was found, so please, if it runs in your family, make sure you're checking yourself and getting checked! It's really very very real!

Finally, right now my sweet little elderly kitty cat is in surgery, having her left eye removed after it developed a terrible infection. I'm stressed out. She's old. She's a strapping old lady, though, I mean, if she were 90 in human years, she'd totally act like she were 75.

She should be ready to come home this afternoon if all goes well.

So if you have any kitty prayers, please send them her way.

In summation, go weigh in at the Sisterhood, follow me on Twitter, feel your boobies, pray for a cure for breast cancer (and send a kitty a prayer while you're at it), and when you're all done, make sangria! The end.
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