Mantra Monday: Regrouping and Other Useful Tips

Mantra Monday

The month of October just whizzed by and all of a sudden it's midnight but it's really 11 p.m. but I am not adjusted and I have no idea where October went. It was the craziest month I've had in a while. We started soccer here in this house with my three-year-old (and by the way, try teaching a little boy to take a ball when you've spent the past three years hammering away this idea of sharing. Little head cannot compute!)

Then there was the little triathlon thing and the baby showers (that are still ongoing) and a new photography class that I got for my birthday, and then the normal Fall-ish type things to do like pumpkin patching and Halloweening and costume-making and well, gone. October gone in a flash.

Now it's the first Monday in November and I need to regroup. Everything is ending and I need to find new goals and new schedules and start over. It seems like I'll be making up my workout schedule as I go along this week because I don't know what it is I'm trying to achieve except for calorie-burning for now. We have a 5k this Sunday that's part of the Sisterhood, World Run Day and the EA Active Sports Challenge combo platter. We are doing the Turkey Trot 10k on Thanksgiving Day (useful tip # 1: Run 6 miles before devouring turkey dinner, it really helps in the calorie department) but other than that, my next goal is a triathlon next APRIL. APRIL IS SO FAR AWAY!

And a girl without a goal (aka ME) is in cold sweats over what training plan I am to do and which days and when. Because honestly, not having the same schedule all planned out ahead of time means that I'm wandering around like a lost dog. (More evidence to support the need for people to plan out their workouts and the goals of their workouts ahead of time! Sure, it's great that you got moving, but eventually you'll have to change it up to start seeing results and well, not knowing what you're doing or why could be a little disconcerting and make you not wanna go at all, like me! I'm just sayin.)

Back to regrouping.

I know I want to get faster and go longer. I know I want to swim in colder water and not freak out . Useful tip #2: take the tail end of your shower in cold water so you can learn how to breathe in it and your body can get accustomed to breathing in it. When I first did it, I would do that panicky breathing like, "Holy crap this is cold!" followed by heavy breathing and short panicky breaths. And I still do that but I hope to not one day.

These are the goals I am trying to figure out how to meet and I'm spending this week doing that.

Now that it's getting cooler, I'm going to skip the gym and do my workouts outside more, get on the actual bike more instead of spin class, and run on the pavement instead of the treadmill. I should have done this sooner, actually. Useful tip #3: train in the weather you'll be racing in. I probably would have done better runs this summer in the triathlons had I run in the heat more. But I tend to skip running in the heat because it gives me migraines. However, I ran like crap in the heat of the triathlon and I ended up with migraines anyway, so had I become accustomed to running in the heat, it might have been a little better down the road. This sounds very similar to useful tip #2, as swimming in the colder water previously might have helped me swim in cooler water in the triathlon.

Funny how that works.

So this week, I'm regrouping. What's your Mantra? Post about it and link it up in the comments!
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