Weigh-In Wednesday and Finding Balance

I claim victory today!

No, no loss to report. But, what with a husband birthday and a trip to MickeyWorld and all, I do have to say no gain is good news! Especially because it wasn't a good exercise week for me with everything going on. I did some exercise, just not what I usually do. So I'm cool with no gain, no loss. In fact, if I gain zero throughout this holiday season, I will claim victory on the holiday season. I've decided for the next couple weeks, I am not looking to lose as much as I'm not looking to gain.

Does that make sense?

Have you read this post yet? This post really resonated with me. Because I so equate indulgent food as "bad" and have for so long, I haven't been able to develop a guilt-free relationship with it. It doesn't matter if I just let some so-called "naughty food" graze my lips, the guilt overwhelms me and I talk about it the next day.

But no food has to be a bad food.

Because actually (and as I tell my son when he asks me, "Mommy, is this helfy?"), anything you have too much of can be unhealthy.

Which is why finding the balance is important. And making healthy choices at home and even making some heathier choices out there in the world all makes a difference. Because you pick yes for this and no for that and hopefully you have found a good balance in it all. Like when I was a total loser as a mother and forgot to pack snacks in the bag to Disney and we were trying to get in at one of the restaurants for breakfast with the characters (which was a buffet) but we had to wait until 9 which meant the kids hadn't had a thing until after 9 a.m. because Mommy didn't even have just a little something for them for before then (we're 7 a.m. breakfast eaters!)

So I wandered around and found a little souvenier shop tucked away outside the Disney gates and I bought mickey-shaped cookies (like the Disney version of animal crackers) and a big bag of dried apricots.

Guess which one my son chose?

The apricots. Surprised even me! He tore them up! And by the way, I had an even bigger revelation about my son's food choices and I'm posting about that separately (with pictures).

So during this season, at home, we will be as healthy as we can. I've made a huge batch of my low-fat muffins that everyone loves for snacks and breakfasts, and I make healthy dinners and lunches. So that away from home, I can (and will) indulge -- like when we go back to Disney on Friday and when I take my mother to tea on Saturday, without guilt. Because of the balance.

I do begin training in January officially in which my goals will be to firm up and lose bodyfat (not necessarily weight), and build my endurance. But for now, my goal is to make it through the holiday season at the same weight, happy, and guilt-free.

How did you do? Weigh in over at the Sisterhood! And if you haven't joined us in our quest for a healthier life, please do!
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