Weigh-In Wednesday: The "I'm Running a Marathon" Version

Sometimes when you feel like crap you just have to get out and pretend you don't. Like I am today. At Panera, by myself, with coffee. Don't worry, I'm in a corner keeping my germs to myself.

I'm going to do a "good news sandwich" here. Some good, followed by a little annoyance, followed by more good. So stay with me.

First, the good. The weigh-in at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans (Join yet? It's never too late!)I maintained this week! Woohoo! Which is fantastabulistic because honestly, I haven't gotten a workout in since Sunday and I'm not going to until my chest clears. I am all for working out with a headcold, I did it over the weekend and I felt fabulous afterward! FABULOUS! As in, I so didn't want to but did anyway and it was amazing. But when it moves down to the chest, it's a whole different ballgame. It's time to rest. Because it either is or will become an infection.

Sandwich meat. And I'm so sorry I'm the girl who's grumpy about being sick. No one wants to read about that, I know. That's pretty much why I haven't blogged. Because when I open up my computer, my head is all in a fog and all my inner monologue wants to do is curse. So I'll stop in a second with one last rant: AAH! I just can't seem to get over this thing, these spores, whatever they are! My skin hurts. I haven't been able to get a workout in this week yet. I feel like time is a-wasting away and that I'm good for nothing. I hate how time wasting being sick is and how useless as a human I am. Maybe I'm just annoyed because I can't get over this thing in a timely manner. Let's go, spores! We're on a schedule! We have a 20 mile bike ride on Saturday and a bike and a run on Sunday. I'll give you until Saturday and then that's it! M'kay?

OK I'm done. Last part of the sandwich. More good news. I am officially signed up for the Disney MARATHON next year. January 2011. I am running a marathon. Me.

I mentioned it to my husband earlier in the week. Last night, he looked over at me and asked me, "What size shirt?" I said "small." Me. A freakin' small. Holy crap that's awesome. I had a hunch he was signing us up and before he pressed confirm, he said, "Ok, this is it! Yes or no?" And I said yes. SQUEEE! This is it!

Why a marathon? After the half-marathon last year, which was so so long enough, I wasn't up for the marathon and I honestly felt like I pretty much never would be. I pushed the marathon to the back of my head because running 13.1 miles was so boring! And it hurt! And I really didn't see how I could keep my head busy during marathon training. Because really, my head is the most annoying place to be sometimes on long runs.

However, I've done a lot since last year's half. It's gone through a lot more (good) pain. And my body just has this way of deciding for me what's next. It's like I have no say whatsoever. I am doing a longer triathlon this year. I am doing another half-marathon in June (YAY, SISTERHOOD, YAY!) and the marathon is next January, which means that when triathlon season is over in October, I have nothing to do! So train for a marathon it is! And if I'm going to be stuck in my own head for 26.2 miles, why not be distracted by things like Mickey Mouse and Nemo and Lightning McQueen and Goofy and Donald Duck (ooh, shiny objects! pretty colors!) Yeah, it doesn't take much for my small mind. And I've heard some chatter from some girls in the Sisterhood about maybe? possibly? joining me next January, so if the marathon is indeed your "Holy Grail" as it is mine, won't you consider joining me? It's supposed to be a magical weekend. And if you don't believe me, read this race report from the Fit Bottomed Girls, who really just sealed the deal for me and completely inspired me. Picture a bunch of us girls piled up in hotel rooms (no one sleeps before a marathon anyway!) getting ready to run a marathon! There is also a half-marathon and a 5k if you don't want to do the full marathon! Just sayin.

So that's the short version of "I maintained." For every bad (like sickness) there's gotta be some good.

That's how I roll.
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