Weigh-In Wednesday: HappyBeef

It's weigh-in Wednesday at the Sisterhood! (Goooooo Team Gold!!) I can't wait to see how we all did! I had a pretty strong week I think, so I'll update my stats below around 8 a.m. e.t., my normal weigh-in time.)

Today's stats are as follows:
Weightloss: -0.5
Next week's goals: Not too shabby, at least it's in the right direction! I am not even going to say I wish it were more because at this point I think it's going to be this slow going with 6 1/2 pounds left. AND WOOT FOR THAT!!!!


My first official assessment of the plateau breakage: Yeah. Turns out I was definitely eating TOO.MUCH. (Hiding sheepishly behind my computer screen.) I can't believe I even thought for a second that I wasn't eating enough. The thing is, when I didn't pay attention, it alllllll added up. I thought I was eating well, but nope. No wonder I didn't lose any weight. Silly, silly oblivious girl.

I also want to say that honestly? This is the best I have felt in years. YEARS! Seriously. Since before the babies. I am seeing real changes in my body, my hormones, my hair is back (I know it sounds silly but it was a frizzy mess during and after the babies), there is actual definition in my legs, my double-chin is shrinking, I have so much boundless energy that I just feel like running around with the kids all day! My mood is always pretty darn great (which is good for everyone in the house!), the husband and I are so happy and completely in synch, things are really just great. Period. I wish I could freeze time so I can bask in this for just a moment.

I'm so glad I'm doing this challenge with all of you and I'm so happy I bit the bullet to train for this triathlon. This has been probably the most positive, powerful, self-affirming thing I have ever done. And I know that it's still 11 days out and I haven't done it yet, but can I tell you how many hours of sweat I've put in for the last 12 weeks? Ask my family because I've been a big pain in the arse if there was a possibility of a conflict with a workout. Poor family. I love you! Even if God forbid, I don't finish the race, I feel like I've already won.

Well anyways, while you're here, I also wanted to open up a discussion about a topic other than the cheese cube but something equally as damaging: the Restaurant. If I could eat all day every day at my house, I'd be fine. But I don't and I have a bit of a beef with restaurants these days, so I'm going to briefly open up the complaint department. Get your grievances ready because I wanna know what you've got in your bag!

OK here we go. I'll start it off with the following (in the format of a Seth and Amy segment on SNL called, "Really?")

So, really, Taco Bell? A meat, bacon, potato and cheese burrito? Do we need this as a society? I'm getting fatter just typing it.

For me, the restaurant, and really, pretty much any restaurant, and its commercials theretowith, just like the cheese cube, has become the enemy. Even ones with the best of intentions. (We won't even talk about fast food for now.)

I can avoid restaurants a lot of the time, but let's face it, it's the home of the social outing. After a softball game, a mom's night out with my mom's group, a lunch with the family, dinner after church, outings where everyone in the group is excited to head out to eat.

And I don't want to be the lame-ass or the fuddy dud just because I happen to be counting calories. (Not to mention the fact that I LOVE FOOD AND I HAVE TONS OF RESTAURANT FAVORITES!) So I've learned to adapt. I do things now like look up the nutritional menu for a particular restaurant before I leave so I can figure out what I am going to have without asking at the table and making a big deal about it. I usually know what I'm going to order beforehand and have it all planned in my Spark People log. Kind of takes the fun out of restaurant going but no one has to know. It's just between me and you. Right?

Or I call ahead and ask about a particular dish (they usually haven't a clue) and try to do all the math myself. But when I do this, I realize how many places actually don't provide nutritional information and look at me (or talk to me) like I'm an idiot because I want it. Frustrating.

But on the flip side, there are some fascinating internet features out there to help me be the Calorie-Counter M.D. that I strive to be, like independent web sites that help me "build a burrito" from a chain like Chipotle (which is actually pretty entertaining--go ahead, try it. You can even post a burrito on your blog if you want. It's a little weird, but I won't judge.) And by the way no matter what combination of burrito I try, meatless or not, a big burrito still ends up being more than 600 calories so right now, as much as I'd love to, I don't get to go to there. Unless I want a tortilla with one bean and a diet coke.

I don't even try to make healthy choices, I actually do! But it seems like everywhere I turn, there's sabotage lurking in every booth. Like when I get a nice salmon and rice dish with zucchini which sounds easy and innocent enough, and then it comes, I look down at my plate and the zucchini's fried and the salmon's covered in butter.

Really? Really restaurant?? Is that necessary?

Or I get the broccoli side dish instead of fries (yay me!) but the broccoli comes and it's covered in melted butter and when I pick it up with my fork, it's dripping and the broccoli is officially D.O.A. because it has drowned in butter. Really, restaurant? Really?? Come on, here. You're killing me.


I realize now that if I must be the Calorie Nazi and truly get it right , I'll have to order everything "dry" or without any butter at all but honestly I hate being the one at the table who is all lunatic about it. I'm really self-conscious about looking like a nut. I already look like that half the time anyway for other reasons not stated here, so it does no good for me to add to it. And I know I shouldn't care that much, but really, I just want to know what happened to just making the food without all that crap in it?

So that's my beef. In this calorie-counting world of mine, it's hard not to feel sabotaged even by little things as seemingly-innocent as commercials with cheesy beefy bacon-ness. Because it feels like everywhere I turn there are things I can not and should not eat that the universe is trying shove into my piehole. And not only that, if I actually partook or partaked (whatever the past tense of partake is) in just one of these crazy cheesy cheesefilled cheesesauced meatinesses, I'd literally grow a second ass before I even left the drive-thru.

Oh, I won't lie. It could also be that deep down, maybe sometimes I harbor the slightest bit of resentment and maybe get just the slightest bit bitter that there are people out there who can eat an entire pig on top of a cow on top of a slab of cheese on a bun and not gain an ounce. And I'm not her. That will probably always bug me to some degree no matter how fit I get because I have to work quadruple hard just to maintain, not to mention lose weight.

Maybe it's just simply the fact that trying to get through a day with actual events and outings involved is just.plain.hard. It's hard! There I said it. This is hard. Because very close to nothing is good for me, unless I have made it and brought it myself. And let's face it, it's probably better for my wallet and my calorie count if I do that anyway.

But I guess it's supposed to be hard, right? If it weren't, everyone would do it.

OK that's my beef. So let's hear it. What really pisses you off and/or tries its very best to sabotage you and how do you battle it? Hurry, while the complaint department is still open! (I'm cup half-full girl, I usually like to keep the complaints to a minimum.)

Hope you had a great weigh-in everyone!! Thanks for listening.

Please drive through.

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  1. congrats on the breakthrough and loss! i'm sure in the next couple of weeks you'll be focusing more on the triathalon than losing, but its great that you've figure out the cause of your plateau.

    and funny, yet sad, how high calorie the stuff we don't think about it.

    crazy thing about restaurants - its more calorie friendly for me to get a salad (dressing on the side please) and a slice of pizza then to order salmon and a side in most restaurants.

    most restaurants have their nutritional information on their web site, so i print them out and "savor" the menu before heading out to eat.

  2. Congrats on the loss! And girl, you are doing a triathlon?! I can barely spell the word but you are DOING one. Go on with your bad self- that is awesome and no wonderful you feel great. What program are you training with?

    As for restaurant food, restaurants are the devil. You are so right about it being a social thing too. I am trying to avoid eating out for that very reason.

  3. I love this post so much. SO much. I'm so much like you. I have good intentions, but restaurants are my downfall. It's so hard when there's so much tempting yuminess.

    I think I gained a pound reading about bacon-beefy-cheese-o-rama. Yikes.

    I'm so proud of your loss. I know how hard it is when you get so close to your goal. It feel like every ounce is a victory to me!

    Good luck with your training. I cannot believe the triathlon is so close!!!

  4. "Martha" in CAWednesday, July 01, 2009

    Great post -- so true, all of it! And if we went out to the restaurant together, I would sit down right next to you and hold your hand under the table as a show of support for ordering things "dry" or "on the side" or however the heck you want to order things because that is what we (as paying customers) are entitled to do! :) Doing that doesn't make you a lunatic, but even if it did, I would do the same thing so at least we could be lunatics together.

  5. Bravo on the rant!!! Excellent!!

    Remember, those people that don't have to work to be skinny aren't healthy! YOU are. Big difference between skinny and healthy!

    Also, I've gotten to the point now, where I just don't mind asking for things prepared differently. Or I don't mind the looks I get from the people I'm with when I scrape off the yummy sauce if I don't ask for it on the side. Plus, every so often I just take a week and don't go crazy, but try not to think about it (even though I still do).

    BUT, my thing is? Why do darker beers have to have so many more calories than the watered down light crap? I think Sam Adams feels like I've deserted him. Sniff, sniff. Okay, that's all I got; I'm in too good of a mood!

  6. Just getting around to catching up from Wednesday so hope the "complaint department" is still open....My complaint is that I used to be a 32 ounce or more Coke a day dh ALWAYS drank unsweet iced tea, UNTIL I gave up my cokes cold turkey. Now he is constantly drinking cokes and telling me that he's just going to have "one more" so he can get an extra boost of caffiene, or "you can't eat ... without coke"! What's up with that??
    Personally it's driving me a bit batty!! I think he's trying to sabotage my efforts since I'm actually doing what I set out to do, GET RID OF ALL THIS FLAB AND BLUBBER!! Oh well WillPower is a mighty powerful tool!!
    Good luck in the resturants...right now I'm just checking websites for nutritional info and trying to not eat out much!!


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