Weigh-in Wednesday

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

It's Wednesday and that can only mean one thing. Weigh-in Day!

Now, last week I went into the weigh-in full well knowing there was not going to be good news. There was some takeout involved, then there was the incident with the chocolate martinis... and well, yada yada yada, I stayed the same. Which was fine, and good actually (better than gaining anyway), but what I was most disappointed with was the fact that I counteracted all of the hard work I did at the gym all week with terrible eating.

Ugh. Why do I sabotage myself in this manner?

So, I donned my blue "strength, focus, discipline" bracelet and I put on my "strength" necklace (which I am giving away this week so if you go HERE you can enter too) and I refocused and yes, for me to stay focused I need to put messages all over my body and write messages to myself and immerse myself in them. Because I am like a cat with a very short attention span that will get distracted if anything even remotely shiny and pretty comes along.

Also I got my new bike and went riding and I challenged myself to stay within my eating parameters as set by the lovely people at Sparkpeople.

And I felt much more optimistic about this week. Because I had done everything right.

AND I LOST A POUND!! One whole pound!

Imagine that. Eat right, eat the RIGHT amount of calories (because too many didn't work and actually too few calories was actually not working either-- and a very much big thank you to April who helped me figure this out!) and work out. Go figure. Now we're getting somewhere. So finally, I have something to contribute to Team Gold! (And by the way if you're interested in calculating how many calories you *should* be eating based on your age/weight/exercise level, you can check that out here. It's not an exact science but I think it may have worked for me. and ps. the bad part about losing weigh is that now I require about 50 fewer calories for the next week to keep losing, according to the calculator. WAHHHH!)

This week has given me the strength to want to keep focused on the week ahead. And I won't lie, it will be hard. I'm having two fundraising parties (with wine and cheese and desserts) and then there's my sister-in-law's birthday party, followed by the Father's Day party, one party each day starting tomorrow.


But I can't succumb. Because I'm working too hard here. (And by the way, my husband made a funny analogy for me the other night. He said that you know how the people in The Matrix see everything in binary code? He says right now I am like that only I look at food and objects and see the calorie count...)

So watch out all you other teams out there because all of our teammates have these! We're Wonder Twins! Or quadruplets or quintuplets...

Isn't she cute? That's Tirah right there modeling our lovely blue focus bracelet! (It wouldn't be a competition without some good ol' smacktalking...)

How did everyone else do?? I hope everyone had a great week! Don't forget to enter my strength necklace giveaway here!

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  1. congrats! :) and isn't april the best? i was eating about 300-400 calories too few per day.

    but now that i'm losing i need to go back and recaculate.

    congrats on the loss!! :)

  2. Well done! I like the Matrix comment. We seem to live on a running litany of movie quotes and ideas, too!

  3. CONGRATS on the loss! I couldn't stop laughing at the Matrix comment. I was also sure surprised to scroll down and see my picture! AHH, at least I don't look horrible.

  4. Yea I am so excited for you!! 1 lb finally, that is great. I am so checking out that calculator. Way to go, and what a cute picture of Tirah, I so need to take a picture of myself wearing it.

  5. A loss is a loss...I find it's all a balanceing act, and what worked last time, just might not work this time...

    Congrats and keep up the good work!!

  6. Congrats on the 1 pound loss....losing weight is so have to find the "just right" caloric intake (and expenditure). Good work!!!!

    Hope you're able to fight temptation at all of those just may have to exchange out some of your calories (less 'xyz' in exchange for some CAKE). Good luck next week.

  7. You and Brooke sure do know how to boost a girl's ego!! You are very welcome and YAY!!! I'm so happy you lost!! Great job!

  8. Way to go, Christie O! I know you've been working hard!

  9. Aw! Tirah is just the cutest! :) Thank you for your kind comment! I had no idea anyone was at all interested in what I write. Mostly it has been for me to reconcile my life without driving someone else insane (and for Tirah to keep tabs on me)! I'm flattered you see yourself in my writing! I could only hope to be as good as you one day. It's also nice to hear encouraging words with regard to the divorce. I feel so alone with it at times, but then people like you say things and it's like "oh right, I'm not alone...people DO survive this! Chin up buck-a-roo! The sun is shinning! [sort of...record days for rain Utah in June]" Thanks so much again! :) :) :)

  10. Congrats! You are right about not getting enough calories also not working, which frustrated me. If erring on one side or the other, I'd take the side with the chocolate martini on the side. ;)


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