Weigh-In Wednesday: The "TAKE THIS CANDY AWAY FROM ME!" version

Shoot. That scale's going in the wrong direction.

+ 1.


Well, if you must know, gobs of candy + very little working out = fat cells. More wordmath for you.

I'm ashamed of myself. I may or may not have been spotted huddling in the laundry room taking down a mini-Butterfinger at warp speed in solitude. But in my defense, if they see me, they'll want one too! I'm sparing them the extra calories. Really .

Well one Butterfinger turned to four and then I found myself rummaging like a crack addict through the candy bucket to find more.

And well, no good came of it. I feel like a large lump today and I have no energy. And it's all on account of the Butterfinger.

Why do we do all this candy at Halloween?? I'm starting to look at food-centered holidays with contempt! If only I had a little self-control.

And since I'm a big proponent of doing something, instead of complaining about doing something (even though sometimes I just gotta vent and then regroup like today...), today I'm getting back in the pool and then spinning. And I'm sending the candy into work with my husband! Darnit. Tomorrow, I'm taking the little one to the gym. Friday, I'm going to bike. Saturday I'm doing some open water swimming with a couple members of my group, one of which is also a little heebied from where we've been swimming, in Jellyfish-land so see? We're changing that.

This week I did have a sort of breakthrough, I ran 3 miles (just short of 5k) in 28:35. Which means if I pound it out this week, I could possibly break my personal best of 32 minutes in a 5k! I've been shooting for the holy grail of the 30 minute 5k for forever and never quite reaching that, but maybe, just maybe, this weekend, on Sunday, which is World Run Day and the 5k run that everyone in the Sisterhood is doing as part of the finale to the EA Sports 5K Challenge, maybe that will be the day! Maybe!! Maybe?? I'm going to run my ass off.

Ps. If you're not doing the 5k challenge, go run on World Run Day anyway because well, it's World Run Day and millions of other people will be running too! And while you're at it, take some pictures of running on World Run Day! Maybe even a photo essay!

I have a small group of runners. Mostly my husband, my dad and my dad's friend and me. I know, it's small. But the race is sponsored by Blue Moon beer if that counts for something. Are you running?? Make sure you take pictures and share them on Sunday!!! And how did you do this week? Check in over at the Sisterhood! And if you haven't already, there are like a million zillion giveaways this month for the Shrinkaversary and all you have to do is have the ability to comment!

Happy Shrinking!
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