Weigh-In Wednesday: Team G

I love our team!! G4: GROOVY GIRLS GETTIN' GOIN!
Our team is one week strong and already it's been such a wonderful support network, I love it. I needed this. (It's not too late to get on a team for the Sisterhood Spring Fling!)

So my week, in a nutshell, was mixed. I worked out great. I ate like crap. Until I looked into the virtual faces of all my dear sisters and decided I would eat crap no more. I would do this, finally, for myself, and for my team. Because I owe myself that much and I owe them that much too.

I started counting points again on Monday.

I have lost one pound. If I had counted points last week like a good girl, I would have lost more. Because I did add up all my activity points, and I earned more than 40! More than 40 activity points!!!!!! Now, you may not know Weight Watchers, but I get to eat 23 points a day. They give you an alloted extra 30 to spread out through the week and then if you earn activity points, you can eat those too. So I could theoretically get 40 extra points per week doing what I'm doing??

Yeah. I'm gonna be ok here.

How did you do???

* * *

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  1. Good job on getting back control of your eating!

  2. you owe it to yourself more than anyone. hopefully the team accountability will be enough until you train your self to understand that.

    ps - i may or may not be having wings and pizza again tonight. :| one day i'll learn...

  3. Great job on getting back with WW and controlling what you're eating.

  4. Great job this week! So proud of you for getting back on top of the eating - hopefully more for yourself than anyone (though us Groovy Girls appreciate it, too :)

  5. Yay for losing! Boo for overeating! I'm right there with you, lady.

  6. Go G4!!!! Awesome job! 40 activity points?! You rock!

  7. Wow! 40 extra points? That's AWESOME! I hear ya on the eating thing. I am so bad at that. BTW, congrats on the loss!


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